Dance Instructors in Billings, Montana
Teaching Round Dancing in Montana & Arizona

Contact Information
May - October
40 Roundup Dr, Billings, Montana  59102
Cell Phone     406-670-3210
November - April
4860 E Main # E30, Mesa, AZ  85205

Larry and Susan Sperry

     Larry and Susan have been dancing together since their high school years. They began cueing and teaching round dancing in the l980's and continue to be passionate about the program. They particularly enjoy teaching new dancers. They have been featured leaders for many state and regional conventions, including Canada and Hawaii. Their original choreography has been popular around the country as well. They belong to Round-A-Lab and have received the 40 year service award. They offer many varied programs throughout the year.

     The Sperry’s are Resident Round Dance Leaders at Towerpoint Resort in Mesa AZ . They teach and cue six sessions weekly for beginners through phase 5 from November through April. They also teach and cue at Sun City, AZ in the Fall and Winter months. They travel to dance, teach and cue at Festivals and events around the Western US during the summer.    

     The Sperry’s retired from an automotive repair business. They have two grown sons and 2 grandchildren and 1 great granddaughter. Dancing has been a huge part of Larry and Susan's life for many years and has given them much pleasure through their travels around the country. They hope to continue to bring new dancers into the activity for years to come.